Spirit dolls

I love exploring these spirit dolls with their healing powers and the intentionS they hold. They seem to naturally take shape through an intuitive flow as I follow my inner guidance and py attention to the depth of my feelings as I create. All art is a spiritually guided place for me where I find my flow and allow possibilities. She seems to capture this  intention and energy that I need right now.

As I find myself exploring the imagery of the spirit doll and the sacred, I find myself drawn back to the work of Wendy Stavrianis and her Gatherers series. These archetypal images of women are universal just as these spirit dolls carry archetypal truths and open us to story. These gathered inspired me to try a wider skirt base and I like the effect. As I add new layers however I am tending to take her off balance and so will have to rework her standing position,

I have worked on another spirit doll….she is still in a becoming stage. I prefer this rounder face as it feels gentler than the first spirit doll.  She is self expression and joyful self acceptance. She is the space of inner knowing as she rejoices in her own power. The blue-greens swirl around her as she raises her arms in celebration. The turqoise is protection and it has a copper spiral symbolising the goddess and the journey. Her hair will be as black as a raven as she steps into her own magic. I do love this simple rounded face and feel like each step is a discovery as she intuitively becomes this story of self expression, empowerment and joy. I will add the final piece once she feels complete.

After getting this far I side stepped and made some face shard pieces. Some use basic bought press moulds, others are press moulds I’ve made previously and a couple are new faces that I will make into press moulds.these faces will give me more choices as I create my spirit dolls and explore their potential. I also want to develop some animal faces. Obviously my wolf guide, an owl and perhaps a cat. I will see how my understanding grows during this process. I want access to a variety of faces so I can have choices as I create these spirit dolls.

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