The art journey.
Today Plan to work on some A3 works on paper. I am enjoying working small right now. When there is a lot going on I need a smaller piece to focus on. When everything is flowing and easy I then can feel more expansive and opt for larger pieces. Art is such a personal internal journey that my emotional well being is integral to the choices I make in the moment. The wonderful thing is that once I commit to studio time, the things that were blocking me disappear and I can move into the gentle creative flow. Okay creativity is not always gentle but for me it is when I am working small.
So I am finally in the studio after dropping off Callum at school and a doctors appointment. I decided to work on some of my A3 pieces but today is not a day for completion. It is more a day to take another step forward. I end up working on 4 of the pieces as they take form and start to reveal the faces. All very different and all incomplete. My owl symbol appears again. They give a good sense of the progress from a basic background to an artwork taking shape. I will update this post and add the finals when they are completed so you can see the development.


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