Exploring pallet paintings

She called to be completed today. Gentle soulful and cradling the vibrant energy of her dreams. This piece started as a pallet painting background. The face and feathers flowed into place. I added the angel necklace which is a talisman I have worn for years.the energy ball nestled in her hands is a nautilus shel of potential. The feathers in her hair are symbolically her guiding spirit as energy shimmers around her. Deep within the dreamer creates and waits for us to respond. The layered white background is an element that I am really enjoying playing with as it adds so much to the possibilities as we read these visual stories.

Art interpretation and Soulcollage®

I am a trained soulcollage® facilitator and one of the techniques I teach is how to read your personal soulcollage® Cards is the process of completing the sentence I am the one who…’ This is a beautiful technique to use when you find an artwork (or create one of your own) that you really connect with. By completing this sentence you allow yourself to identify with the image. Simply choose the part of the image that attracts your attention and complete the sentence. Below I have created a couple of sentences based on this piece. If you continue to repeat ‘I am the one who…’ Your responses become deeper and deeper and more tapped into the depth of your subconscious, your intuition and inner guidance.

The nautilus shell

I am the one who waits curled into a spiral, ready for the world and waiting to unfurl. I am the one who radiates energy as I am potential and possibility.

The Angel

I am the one who whispers guidance and answers the unseen questions to open doors of sight. I am the wings that protect and the wings that fly free.

It is a lovely and powerful process that allows you to connect with your intuition and side step your conscious mind and your inner critic. It opens you to deeper insights and understandings. Have a play with this technique and see how it works for you. It also works well with oracle card decks, especially if you are unsure where to begin.


Deep within the dreamer creates. Curled in her lap waiting to open .

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