Finding owls, discovery and play.

There are so many possible starting points and today I want to explore small and simply play with possibilities. I have decided to do a cute owl series and set up a portfolio page as owls are a favourite image that keep appearing uninvited. Now that the invite has been sent out and they are  emerging with ease.

Below are three pallet pages in the process of becoming owls. I use a water color pad for my pallet and change to a new page when I feel that the base layer is complete. I look at the image searching for possibilities. In this case I searched through a pile of completed pallet pages with the intent of finding owls. You get what you focus on so I found three. Using a circle shaped, spiral filled stencil, I added another layer to support the emerging owl. I do not tend to stencil the whole circle but sections of it so there is not a clearly delineated circle shape.

Playing with possibilities.

Playing with possibilities.

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