Creating my world…

As I play and ponder about how I actually got to this point in my creative life. A place where I know I am an artist in the deepest truest parts of my being…art is my soul space.. How did I reach a place where I can create an image and it just feels natural. I look at the background I’ve created and search for an image and it appears…then I refine it until something inside me tells me it is done and I stop. What is this process that allows me to trust the process and create. Why is it about trust…? It is always about trust! So I find myself writing out the space that is this creative journey…fragments of time suspended in creative flux as the world revolves unaware of the inner worlds creative path? Is the world simply watching to see what the next imagining will bring and simply accepting that what and the cycle of creation never stops. Art is one of those ineffable things and yet I still seek in this endless quest for knowledge. So I have written a poem in an attempt to process that attempts to define something of the creative soul and hopefully touches a cord in your own creative soul musings. I am in the poem and am the poem and I understand what I have written and yet it is confusing. As with any creative form one needs to begin with an open heart that is balanced by an open mind that is always ready to receive from a space of openness and possibilities. At times art necessitates suspending reason and defies logic but within the chaos the heart guides the emerging forms of visual literacy.

Painting intuitively

Trusting the winding path

Finding my space and opening up
Capturing the fragments of time
Time suspended between actions

The creative ebb and flow of beginning
The chaos of time and potential life
Playing with possibilities
Let them shift and float into being

Spread out the clean white surface
Add layers until the white is gone
Scribble marks, numbers and letters
Meaning making awakened in texts and paper

Find what you love
Treasure it and keep going
Sometimes I just have to let it go
Bravely allowing what comes

Notice the small possibilities
Staying in the moment
Listening to silent whispers
Learning and unlearning in cyclic patterns

Nudging forward softly easing into it
Flowing with abandon and letting go
Following my muse wherever she leads
Paint and dribble and spray the layers

Pondering what is and what is not
That endless questioning
Stepping back to move forward and then
Zoom in and wonder

Add details…scratches, marks and texture
Darken and lighten and play with contrast
Find those resonating opposites
Finger painting…go on, you remember…

Look between the layers
Imagine the spaces of possibility
See what isn’t there
And create it…

Trust that the journey will guide you safely to shore.

The journey boat carries her towards the unknown. Her friend and companion by her side watches and guides.

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