Abundance and business

Remember how to play....

I am inspired and explore what new possibilities open up as I explore intuitive art and play.

I can’t help thinking ‘ be careful what you wish fot’ when I look around my studio at all the works stacked against the wall. So many works in progress. I know I have more than 50 pieces in progress. I do work on about 5 works at a time as I shift from one to another but I definitely need to work on completion. I guess this is about exploring what a playful balance means. I am sitting in the beautiful spring sunshine on my studio porch and know this is a lovely balance. I am developing exhibition proposals and that is helping me clarify what needs to be done next. Lots of deadlines…think I prefer the idea of a goal post…more life in that image. I am sure that space clearing also helps as I find areas in my studio that I had lost. I plan to run small workshops in my studio space so if I was to fit in tables and chairs, I needed a much clearer zone. Yes I am a typical creative who works from chaos to clarit but building my art business is helping me find new spaces in the way I approach my life and find my flow.


I love the fact that I create so much and it brings me such joy. I want to share the joy so I have a few plans and am well on the way to achieving these goals. Firstly I am creating an art freebie to help grow my email list. Those who want can opt into my wild creative soul inspiration weekly prompts. I love all the ways you can start creating and so this is a simple way to  spark your own creative fire. The free art printable will be the start. I will add an angel for your Xmas table as another printable. I am organising an angel intuitive painting workshop as a starting point which seems like a lovely guided place to start. I’ve always connected and been guided by angels and love working with this energy and  Christmas is a time we are particularly attracted to angels. Of course in all this organising I am uploading images to my new website that will launch in October hopefully. I feel like I am in a bit of a holding pattern as I wait for the website to be completed but I know there are lots of pieces to plan so I am ready to step into the new space . The new website is where I will add my new art as it is easy on WordPress.org where WordPress.com complicates the process. Learning so much along the way and so much more to learn. That is what makes this life …the ability to learn and adapt.

Next steps

Now the next step is to ensure that everything is finished and ready to go for the website. I do feel a bit like Dory…just keep panting, just keep painting….but I know that now is the time to organise and that’s the challenge especially with 50+ art works in process but the holidays are almost over and I need to focus. The trick is to stay in play as I organise. I put Pink iheart radio on loud as I organise and music always gives me energy. I’m practicing balancing my painting with organising as my dreams call and step into reality. I think that’s part of it..the more I take action steps, the more real,it becomes. Scary, exciting possibilities surround me as I take the next steps.

Wild soul creativity

I created a painted diagram to show my process and the steps I use to teach this playful intuitive process of wild soul creativity. It had to be ‘wild soul’ as so often those passionate wild parts of ourselves are kept hidden because they are a bit different and aren’t the norm. I invite you to be part of this adventure as you find your muse and step into your wild soul. It’s time to step into that playful, carefree wildness that is ready to wake that creative muse that wants to let go. It’s time to give yourself the space to explore and allow that amazing, unique soul of yours to play.

Wild soul creativity

Are you listening to the whispers of your wild soul?

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