Mother and child

This intimate moment reminds us that it is all about heart centered connection and the lives that we touch along the way. Treasured moments are captured as the sparks of souls touching reflects the depth of hearts touching. She is the emotional heart reflected in the willow branches caressing the stream of possibilities.

She is the moment of connection and as you gaze into her eyes picture yourself there. In this magical place, ask yourself are you the mother or are you the child and does your connection shift, the longer you gaze at her? Is she grandmother or mother or daughter/child looking through the eyes of a much older soul? Can you feel the soft caress of her hand brushing your cheek gently as memories drift into consciousness and transport you to a heart connection living in your own remembering? The sense of wonder lingers as their is magic in this moment.

The willow leaves transforming her hair dangle freely, transporting me to a childhood place where the weeping willow was sanctuary, tree house and friend. The blue light illuminates some dreamed of possibility. This is the realization of the dream of safety and belonging, no matter how transient, that our heart seeks.


She is that deep heartfelt connection that gently transforms this moment.


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