i wish that I had a head for blogging but this is such a steep learning curve. I have had a blog for nearly 2 years and now realise that I am not doing a portfolio page as the example shows. Well I really would like to as I like the way it looks but after many attempts and video tutorial watching, it seems that a tab is missing so I can’t do it. I hate brick walls so I contacted WordPress help. I waited for awhile but then of course was called by other pages and somehow lost the contact discussion page on how to resolve problems with setting up a portfolio page. I feel like the gallery is not quite what I want but is it worth the distress of facing the dyslexic creative mind against the technological feast of possibilities on offer? I am still lost in this maze and looking for solutions. I want to strengthen my layout and showcase my work in the most effective way possible. This learning journey is doing my head in. Love any offers of helpful links to get thus working I….The way it does in my minds eye,So much to learn and such a business newbie in so many ways.

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