Life is a process of exploration and change. I have recently pushed my boundaries and as such, my art has changed. I went to Tracy Verdugo’s art retreat in Melbourne and was challenged to trust my intuition and play more. This was true to my natural approach but was the impetuous to push me the next step. Then a couple of weeks after that I completed the SoulCollage® Facilitators training in Melbourne, with Karen Mann. This is a powerful process that relies heavily on trusting your intuition as you make your own personal collaged cards and learn a simple process of how to read them to access your intuition or subconscious mind. Then to take me further on my personal growth agenda, I started to explore faster EFT, which is a quicker form of EFT  or tapping.

All these openings and possibilities have flowed naturally into my art work so I have created a gallery of the pieces I am currently working on. All of them are unfinished but are definitely taking form as I am enjoying my new direction and the many playful layers.

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