THANK YOU 2017Happy New Year

2017 has bought so many changes to my life and I am so grateful for all the transitions and learning that are shaping my path forward.

Christmas used to be school holiday time and in the midst of that holiday break from work was a celebration and sharing with loved ones, throughout the Christmas new year period. Now Christmas is still that joyful sharing and celebration but it is now time out from the business side of life. I am learning to find a different work-life flow that I am in charge of and learning what it means to have choice.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the support, friendship and encouragement. of all those who have supported me in this grande adventure into my artist’s life. I know that 2017 has been the year of changes for me and intend 2018 to be the year of transformation, growth and balance as I step into this next version of me. I have some have some really exciting things in process and am learning how to share wha5 I do and get it out into the world. My intention is always to bring connection, joy and inspiration through my art, Inner Artist courses and creativity mentoring. I wonder what your one wild creative soul will create in 2018 and what you have learnt through the adventures that have found you in 2017?

So much has happened in this joy filled adventure of 2017



2017 has been a year in fast forward with small wins and lots of learning. I took 6 months long service leave and left my teaching job to focus on my art. I could paint forever and be in absolute bliss but the challenge is to understand how to market my art and I am taking small steps and keep learning with each new adventure. It is a leap into the unknown but it is also a leap into a space of passion and of following my hearts desire.


I have continued my feminine focus in mixed media paintings of owls, wolves, spirit guides, angels and empowered soulful women. My work is always about flowing, connected spiritual imagery. I am still getting my head around who my market is but know my work always has a feminine focus and is for spiritual creatives who are seeking to reconnect. You are in the right place if you want to find your way back to your inner artist and find those creative spaces that fill you up and create balance in your life. There are so many ways to find your soul connection and learn to listen to your intuitive inner wisdom as you to connect to your inner artist.

So much has happened along the way as I learn what it means to step into impossible things, pat unicorns and shape my artist dreams.



My art is an adventure into the mixed media art process that is a guided and heart centered process. This spiritual art practice is a type of mindfulness that helps you find your center and balance when the world has overtaken and it feels like there is no space for you. Art has a way of touching our souls and as we create, we begin to feel our way back to the person we truly are inside. Art helps us uncover parts of ourselves we have forgotten and has an incredible healing power that revives our spirit. The nature of this intuitive painting process is guided and allowing.
There are no mistakes within this process as it is all about the space of trusting and stepping into the space of acting on what feels right to you. This is an adventure of continually looking for what I love and doing more of that.
Of course skills are learnt along the way and techniques are developed and refined. Every art piece is a new adventure and a new story that is full of possibilities and surprises. It is the joy of this guided art adventure that leads me back to the canvas as I never stop learning and growing.
Each piece of art is about beauty, connection and guidance as we connect to our own inner world. I want you to feel inspired and to be filled with a sense of joy and that feeling of something more.

I am stepping into my intuitive teacher soace that has a new freedom and joy within it. Showing others how to step into their own art stories is a joy and a privilege.


We all have different needs and make different choices of how art impacts and enriches our lives. You may want to find your own creative spaces for art through participating in workshops, e-courses and exploring inspirational freebies. You may want to create your own tailored group art experience or personalised art mentoring.

You may want the art done for you and choose to add more beauty and inspiration into your life through purchasing art to enjoy everyday in your homer as a gift. You may want a print, decor or a variety of merchandise that is unique and made from art that you are attracted to.You may choose to have a more personalised commissioned art piece made for you.
Art has a way of adding to and enriching our lives in whatever way we choose to invite it into our world.


I began my workshop adventure which I will build on and intend to start teaching SoulCollage®workshops as well. The SoulCollage® process beautifully connects art and spirituality in an easy and accessible way and is a simple introduction to receiving intuitive guidance through your art. I also intend to create some free and some paid online courses about connecting with your inner artist to inspire creativity as a guided, spiritual process.


2017 saw the slow beginning of my Wild Soul Creativity Circle Facebook group where I share weekly tips for creating art in pockets of time. It is a continual challenge to add a new idea each week but if you want inspiration and look back at past Sunday’s you will find a wealth of ways to begin. I am still learning about what it means to create and nurture a Facebook group but I am learning. 2018 will see this group focus extended to include an in person women’s circle for spiritual creatives and linked Facebook group for ongoing support. This is an exciting collaboration between myself as a spiritual artist and Helen Bulghur-Harris as a spiritual creative business coach. If you are in Melbourne and are interested in being part of this small beta group, please leave a comment or pm me as this will be an exciting, connected and supportive adventure of women growing together.


Life got a bit crazy as I broke my wrist right before my RAW showcase but with Keith,s love and support I did it anyway then had the surgery. I am now recovering after having the p,ate removed. I am learning how to be better on social media but it is all about change and keeping up with me so I do hope you forgive me for any gaps in posting. I am growing more consistent along the way. I do believe in failing forward and refocusing from what I have learnt.

So many changes as I learn to navigate my world but that is the challenge we all face. I do love lists so I wonder what your big challenges list for 2017 would look like and what you big dreams list for 2018 would be. What new adventures are calling you to be brave and joyfully guided?

Life balance wheel

One of my New Year Rituals is to create a gratitude list of all the things that have moved me into gratitude, This is a lovely ritual to add so I have added a life balance wheel. Print it out and decorate it with words and images of all you are grateful for in 2017. Gratitude is uch a lovely way to farewell the old an welcome in the new as we step into 2017.




Over Christmas I have been sharing my 12 days of Christmas angels and exploring where that takes me and enjoying the guidance and playful connections. It has been a stretch to create a painting a day up until Christmas but now I am on the downhill run. Christmas is past and I completed the challenge but decided to continue on until the 6th of January and the traditional post Christmas 12 days of the epiphany (celebrating the baptism of Christ). I have relaxed and am posting angels from the past as well as Works in progress as I have enjoyed working with the angel energy so much.


If you haven’t joined my Wild Soul Creativity Circle Facebook group I invite you to. Every Sunday I add an art activity that you can do in small spaces of time. It is a lovely way to fit art into your life as we all have lots of waiting spaces and opportunities to create that get lost in the every day demands of our lives.
May 2018 hold many joyful and creative spaces that inspire and delight you,
I am also available for spiritual art mentoring and am happy to run small group sessions if you have a group of 3 or more.
2018 will be an  adventure and I look forward to connecting with you along the way and I hope you’re excited and inspired for all that 2018 has in store for you.

Happy New Year

Love and blessings,

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