She is wisdom and trusts that all will be well.

I love the way the garden seems to almost merge with the image.  I was placing her to get the correct light for the photo and the lovely background link happened by accident. I do love those accidents that take you be surprise and make you smile as you wonder at how that all came together and then The moment you stand back and enjoy the moment. I used copper leaf as a halo as copper is the goddess metal and overlayed it with scatters leaf imagery indicatin growth and nature.

Owls are teachers and guides for me personally so this powerful guide is always present as I continue to learn about myself and this amazing world. This image captures a moment of simply being. Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and this captures the unfolding of this side of her nature and the connectedness to her inner knowing.

I have been working on this painting for awhile as each layer builds greater depth. I know I always need that breathing space as I sit with a piece and see how it feels in this creative haze of becoming the image. ‘Athena’ has had a few finishing points but I think she is finally done. She is the sense of freedom and inner peace…almost a stillness and the soft movement of the hair as the owl spreads its wings in flight in this gentle garden of becoming.


Athena in my garden with the late morning sun, on the end of my studio veranda. Original artwork by Cheryle Bannon©.


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