Finding myself in the story

I find myself in an unfamiliar space as I explore what story means through the eyes of an illustrator, I know that every art piece I create holds many stories but this is a new perspective. I am illustrating my first book that was written by Janine. I am now at a space of finding my story that is within the images and goes beyond the words. This was the first challenge but the second one was getting out of my own way. The revisions and reworking that research says are done pre-creating doesn’t fit my intuitive space. It is time to go back to giving myself permission to play.

Let the story lead the way


I have researched and built my foundation and now I need to let that go and see where the process leads me. That means that I am creating play pieces along the theme of this cat named Josh.  It means allowing elements in such as the girl and other Australian animals that aren’t in the written text.

I’m an intuitive artist and that means I let the picture lead. As an illustrator, I have found myself falling into a far more graphic approach. I realised that I need to find the space in-between. I think this small painting in the process is taking me in the right direction. It feels like me and has a dreamy feel that I want to keep. The trees are simple masques I made to begin the story and I know there is much more to do but I am finally feeling as though I have found the voice I needed to explore. I need the story illustrations to be my style and discover what that looks like in this very different approach.

There is still so much more to learn but I am letting go and trusting the process more. I’m glad the girl is there and the story is beginning to lead the way.

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