The art of business…

i set up this blog a little over a year ago aiming to build my business and create a web presence. I have created the web presence but still have a lot to learn about really allowing my work to fly. I have looked at Etsy and Meylah and wondered if they would work for me but they never really felt like the right fit. I wanted a gallery space where I could sell my work but not have to pay to reput it up every four months if it didn’t sell. Shopify was another shop front. I wanted the site to be about selling visual  art works and not a craft market. I also didn’t want to troll through Australia post to create some sort of cost table for postage to wherever in the world the artwork was destined. This was about finding the right platform to showcase my work. I set up a red bubble  (    account about 10 years ago and then developed a website thrpugh them. They changed their formatting and the website disappeared. Red bubble is still an important part of building my business as it allows me to create products from my artwork with ease. WordPress has been the ideal starting platform and one I plan to use into the future. The ease of creating this website gave me possibilities but unless I go to the next level and add a cart I can’t sell on my WordPress site. I also love red bubble and have realised that the extent of merchandise that the site creates from my work is fantastic and really does open up posdibilities but I can’t sell my originals. Of course I set up a Facebook page (  as WordPress links my site to this and to my Twitter account. I like the fact that facebook and Twitter broaden my reach and more people see my work.

So back to the idea of that gallery site. There are plenty of sites where you pay to display your work but again it is another ongoing cost. This was not what I wanted. After lots of research and some help from ‘The Abundant Artist’ ( I found a site called Artpal was what I was looking for and as a bonus, it was Australian based. It isn’t as big as Etsy but from my experience, I only go there when directed by a site that I like anyway. So this weekend, I started setting up my gallery space @ I am really pleased with the possibilities and love the print options they offer. Even the mugs which are the only extra type of merchandise  on Artpal look good ( the mugs were an area that were often badly cropped on red bubble however the example below is an exception and yes I do need to modify the position for the sampsung phone).

This has been an exciting process as it has made me realise how the different platforms I am on fit together. I haven’t mentioned pininterest ( which is one of the simplest forms of visual long displaying my work that adds to my searchability. Artpal has a simple way to pin your own art as well as others. This is one thing that I wish WordPress would improve as the more button means it is not visible and less user friendly.

I feel like WordPress is my social media site where I create links with likeminded people and is a platform for showcasing my work. Twitter, Facebook and Linked In are easy as the WordPress posts automatically post for me. I have three other platforms and no extra work. The WordPress blog is simple and lots of fun. I really enjoy writing and sending my art and thoughts out onto the web and all the communications that come back. Thank you for all those who have visited, viewed, and commented. It is a lovely community. Artpal and Redbubble are my sale sites. Redbubble is for a wide range of merchandise made from my original art work. This. Also includes calendars which are great fun to make and share. Artpal is my new art gallery site where I can sell my work directly as well as the option of selling prints and mugs.

Wish me luck as I venture into a new domain and put my work out there in a new way and extend my reach in new directions. I would love you to have a look and give me feedback. I will continue to add more pieces and develop gallery pages.

'The Night Garden' merchandise examples of items available on my red bubble site:

‘The Night Garden’ merchandise examples of items available on my red bubble site:

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