January 2018 – New Beginnings

Hi, so glad you found your way here,

Thought I would start to share a monthly round-up of what has been happening in the studio. This month has been full of angel blessings and flower paintings as well as preparation for the Biz and Life Soul Discovery Circle that starts in Feb.

Life and Biz Soul discovery circle

Creative Connections

As I was creating the first circle, I had interest for a second so have also started to offer my Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle as an opportunity to really connect with your inner artist within a sacred space for spiritual art and creating. There are so many opportuniteis and ways to explore our spiritual creative soul. I believe as women in circle we create a special bond as we grow together and explore what is possible within a safe , nurturing space.


Artist's Soul Discovery Circle

Challenges to grow with

I have discovered that I love challenges and participated in the 21daysinmyartworld challenge organised by Tara Leaver on Instagram. After my epic angel blessings journey which was a personal challenge, I found that I loved the daily inspiration the challenge gave me. Now I am setting up one of my own on Instagram @cherylebannon that is all about inspiring women. The post-challenge is to hashtag an inspiring woman personally or globally. Follow the link if you want to know more and start or catch up along the way. The challenge goes from Sunday 28th January to Valentine’s day as this is all about what inspires you and what you love about these women.

I love this idea of showing gratitude to these women in this way as my art and life is all about sharing feminine inspiration as that is what inspires me and brings joy.

artists soul DC

Flowers and Joyful Creating

And then there were some playful flower paintings that were so much fun to create,

Art in January

Art in January was mostly flowers and angel blessings with a few owls that focus on that beautiful inner wisdom of these lovely spirit guides. It is really all about what helps us to connect and find those spaces of joy and connection. I wonder what brings you joy and what small actions you take to help you slip into that creative space of flow and connection that we often refer to as mindfulness? Art is my space of miondfulness, where I am guided, balanced and at one with my world. This is where my joy lives and I love sharing from this space and hopefully offering you something that will support you in connectiong to those guiding spaces of something more.



Mentoring and sharing

I am learning what feels aligned with my passion and purpose and these lovely mentoring sessions are a perfect way to inspire spiritual creative connections. These studio sessions are perfect for someone looking for a way back into art as part of their spiritual practice. The mentoring sessions are held at Cheryle Bannon Studio which is a perfect space to grow in and learn with one on one support and guidance tailored to you.

I have started private mentoring sessions at $60 an hour or bring a friend for $90 an hour. A lovely connected personal space that begins with meditation and steps you into intuitive art processes. This information still needs updating on my page even though I have begun session so do be patient as I transform my world and creating each new offering along the way,

Sharing my Spiritual Art adventure

I am learning what it looks like to share my art biz adventure as I am moving my Biz forward and it is full of lovely discovery so sharing more is central. Of course, there are frustrations as it is a big learning curve to bring my passion to life and live in this space. Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying living my spiritual creative space and finding a path forward. I love learning so this becomes part of this positive growing edge that is my life now.

I am continually adding to my webpage and it is a constant work in progress. Lots of things ready to go so if you are inspired or want to connect with your inner artist and learn more about spiritual intuitive art as part of your spiritual practice or just want more play and joy in your life, I would love to connect and share more ways to inspire your joyful moments,

As I consider ways to share my art, I have decided to add my art creations as a post that is shared by my email newsletter for each month,  January was the decision point so it is a beginning and a little late for the end of the month and the start of February but I believe in small actions to move forward and know it is time to start something new. My intention is that February will be the start of regular sharing as January didn’t get posted as soon as I intended.

Learning and evolving

I am still learning what this space looks like and every day I gain new knowledge and step into intuition and trust more every day. There was an inner voice whispering that I needed to do this. I will set up February so I can make this a thing. I would love comments as I grow.

The best space to see my most recent art is my Instagram feed as I post at least once every day…usually twice or if you want some easy ways to create space for art in your life, join my private facebook group – Wild Soul Creativity, I also have a few youtube videos that I am adding to that show some of my processes so a nice exploration place for more inspiration.

So much to learn and so many growing spaces as I step into spaces of trust and create within a guided heart space, All art is for sale so contact me for any inquiries. I am currently exhibition work online at the Bluethumb gallery which is Australian based and I love it as shipping is included in the cost f in Australia. Merchandise is available from Redbubble and it is all continually growing as I update and build my art world and share my adventures.

Love and blessings,







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