My Accordion book gift project

I am starting to look at this accordion book project that I committed to. It needs to be a book that is close to A5 so it is compact and can travel easily if desired.
The question has been about how to begin. I have so many photos but don’t want them to overtake the feeling in the book. The questions I am asking myself are:

What was the feeling of the day?
What colors stand out in my memory?
What shapes stand out in my memory?
How can I incorporate this into the background layer and what should be left until a later layer?

What I have decided is to create the blank accordion book format adding multiple pages. There needs to be enough pages to allow for the poem I wrote after the day. The poem itself helps to keep the memories of the day alive and fresh in my memory.
I will create a template design for the bush background. Not sure yet whether it will be a stencil, mask or stamp. It will depend on the shape I choose. I have Sidney Long images in my mind. That ghostly haze that will create a beautiful backdrop.
I will create stencils or stamps of important images such as the shapes of the bridesmaids as they flowed down the hill.

Starting the process

Step 1
I used 3 Xs 56cm x 76cm and divided them each into 3 lengthwise. Each strip was 18.5 cm wide. I used watercolor paper and wanted the natural edges. I folded each panel into 3 and then creased the edge firmly by running the flat back edge of a knife along the fold. Then I ran a wet sponge along each crease and with a slightly serrated butter knife carefully moved the knife back and forth along the fold to create a gently torn edge. Thus gave me 3 long narrow strips.
Step 2

My starting point for my accordion book project

My starting point for my accordion book project

Pegs help to make the joins strong.

Pegs help to make the joins strong.

I measured 3 cm along the width so there was a 3 cm tab so I could attach each accordion signature to the next. Fold the 3 cm tab inward and crease firmly with the back edge of a knife.
Step 3
Now fold the long panel in half, with the folded tab on the inside. This will create 2 Xs 36 cm panels. Fold each 36 cm panel in half so the fold is in the opposite direction. You should now have 4 panels in an accordion fold with a tab at one end.




Step 4
I used about 9 pegs and Your preferred glue. I do wonder if this was too much when I look at the size. I can always take away pages….I will see how it goes. I am addicted to the monte marta impasto medium as my glue of choice. This is always good when sticking heavy materials. I lined up all the panels so the tab joins were all on the same side (this will be the back of the book). Take the first signature panel and line it up with the second. Add your chosen glue to the inside surface of the tab and press together firmly. Use a paper towel to wipe away any excess glue. Continue and after you have attached 3 panels, add pegs to the top, bottom and middle of the glued section. Continue with the remainder of the panels and then leave to dry.

I really don’t know if I have overdone it. So many pages…but I will see how it goes. I have till. Christmas Day to complete this,definitely a challenge.




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