Each face in every painting is a new discovery, I find myself thinking ‘ahhh… there she is’. Every face, every figure, is like that. They slowly reveal themselves through the layers. At the moment it is the push and pull of the shadows and the sense of connection that is catching my attention.  But that is in this painting session. Perhaps next time it will be the flowers that speak to me.

I love the idea process of art as an explorative process.  For me it is not a straight line but a process of laying intuitively and playfully creating  a  background and then searching for an image to see what wants to be revealed. The pleasure of discovery, drawing out and finding the image through  shaping, refining, and playful exploration of possibilities allows the image to guide you as it takes form.

I will always catch you!

I will always catch you!

Finally she is finished after the layers and play.  Learning to work with the lines in the flowers and building a greater variety of marks. This is another piece for the Quadrant Gallery ‘Summer 11 exhibition.


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