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Here I am at day 1 of 17 days of inspiring women. I love the idea of sharing these women and I do hope you will play along.

When you do share please add  #sharewomenwhoinspire and let people know as I believe celebrating our success and the achievements, bravery and amazing acts of courage deserve to be cele

This morning I posted on Instagram about Malala. I look at all she has achieved and it takes my breathe away.


This is the story I shared
When I consider young and courageous, I naturally gravitate to Malala. She was shot for standing up for the rights of girls and continues to speak about what she believes despite the danger to herself.
As an EAL teacher I remember bringing in the children’s storybook about Mahlala to share with my high needs transition students. Most of these students were from war torn areas across the world and some had arrived by boat in desperation. They understood this story on a level I never would. The 10 minuet reading time to start the class was transformed by these students. Lesson plans were abandoned as the students curiosity and admiration for Malala shaped a far more valuable lesson than anything we could have taught. Students were engaged and asking deep questions as we watched Mahlala give her speech at the United Nations.
This one courageous girl was reflected in the eyes of the students seated around me So many stories that will never be heard and a deep gratitude for the courage of one girl who has given voice to so many.

I’m not Malala and never lived her horrible experience but that experience shapes her as she too looked at what was possible and believed that she had as much right as any male and she wanted to learn.. Inspiration is the model of what is possible in the world. I hope that we all begin to celebrate the good in the world and love everyone as Malala reminds us.

One inspirational woman leads to the next…

Okay, I’ve shifted from world changing actions of one outstanding young woman to art. There are many ways to inspire and I am glad that some of the inspiration comes from joyful spaces rather than the darkness that is in the world. Art is one of those things that inspires emotions and that is why people seem naturally drawn to art. Art can shock and challenge or bring peace, joy and beauty. I want to inspire joy and keep choosing to add more light as often as possible. I choose the  art that has an uplifting feelings then let’s have more of the good ones. Having art in your home can be a beautiful reminder of places , things and ideas that help you feel the way you want to feel. You know the way you feel on your perfect day…imagine…

This challenge has my mind wondering about the women who have inspired me and I remembered an owl in a corner of a painting by Frida Kahlo. I know it is not young and courageous but as I’ve said…these are prompts to help you wonder. Frida wa one of the bravest women I know as she survived a trolly car accident, had a Ros placed in her spine and lived with intense pain. Despite this, she continued to paint and explore her world throughout her life. Her art is about exploring her world and helping her heal emotionally as she explored her personal imagery and regularly created self portraits.

Unlike the self portraits, the image that came to mind was one that I saw in Sydney at an exhibition of her work.

Frida Kahlo Owl


I loved this little owl amongst the spread of fruit and the bright yellow table. I went to the studio inspired. I didn’t want to just copy Frida…I wanted to do it my way and play fully. It reminded me how unique each of us are and how different our voices are. Inspiration is about seeing something you like and making it yours. Austin Kleen wrote about this in his book Steal like an artist but it is true in everything. Inspiration is seeing something thar moves us so much that we want to be better and let our voice out.

I went to the studio and played but the playing was about trusting and following my inspiration. Looking for the things that inspire you is what opens doors and helps you find new ways of viewing the world. Yes I will put my owl WIP here. I love art and it is my way of making the world a better place by sharing beauty, joy and playful connection. I believe that the more of us who shift into a modelling space and share that make a difference.


This is what I created when I went to the studio and it was unexpected but I was inspired. I will keep exploring and see where the inspiration takes me.


Share and Enjoy !