Wire wrapped jewellery play

I have had so much fun this weekend exploring beads and wire play…always wanted to try this and I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. How can I combine this with my other jewellery pieces so I can use my images and wrap and play? Still working on that but loved the results and will definitely continue playing with wire and crystals. If anyone knows a good source of silver wire in Australia…preferably Melbourne…I would love it if you shared. This week I have gone into jewellery adventures in a big way with rings earlier in the week and now my wrapped beads.  I love the energy and feel of beautiful colored crystals and stones. It is such a peaceful way to play. Art is such an amazing adventure. I plan to explore some copper patineas and see how that goes. As my day job is teaching and the holidays are nearly here, I will have lots of studio play. Yes I got back to painting on Sunday but that’s another post.

Wire wrapped pendants

An adventure in wire wrapping

Wire wrapped rings

Playful beginnings creating wire wrapped rings

Love some feedback on my new adventure. Share if you like the new direction. I have some lovely Christmas presents to begin with and I will keep exploring. Hope your weekend has been just as playful…

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