Wild Soul Creativity Process..be inspired

I have finished the first week of the connection challenge in my facebook group the Wild Soul Creativity Circle that is all about how to connect with our inner wisdom as we learn how to recognise our intuitive guidance. You will be guided into ways of creating and connecting to your own sacred space. which is central to my intuitive art process. I felt like I needed to step back and give some more clarity about my approach. If you want some guidance on ways to connect then join this supportive group of women in circle as we explore our creativity. If you have any questions, please ask as I love to give that extra support as you go on your own intuitive art adventure.

Connection is central to my intuitive art process as art is all about feelings and our inner guidance system is recognised through our emotional responses. I felt like I needed to step back and give some more clarity about my approach.
Before I begin I, though, let’s start with the name.


Art is about letting go of the rules and finding your path, your voice and your own freedom.This is about freedom to be our own unique selves and finding our own space in our lives to be who we really are


We are all souls sharing this world together and it is so easy to forget who we really are so this is a space to remember and nurture our soul through our intuitive guidance. As we connect to the things we love and bring us joy, we find ourselves naturally finding ourselves in spaces where we can shine and be the best version of who we are in the world.


Creativity is that ability to play, explore and think differently. As we are guided on a path of waking our inner artist, we are on an adventure and art always has more to teach us. This is that breathe of inspiration as you connect with the depth of who you are and create art that is unique to you. Creativity is that point of difference that makes us our own unique person, different from anyone who has ever been or will be. We are all so very special and when we create we allow that difference to take form and somehow in the process it heals us.Creativity is the invitation to let go of the shoulds and have to’s and to allow yourself to step into that something more.that is the essence of who you really are


The circle is about the sense of everything being connected. A circle is a symbol of being complete in itself but it is also a symbol of possibilities. A circle is an opening and an invitation for something new to come into being. In this case, it is also the beautiful traditional image of a women’s circle. Women have always gathered in circle to share their wisdom, understandings and learn together. Women thrive in a like-minded community so as I develop the Wild Soul Creativity Process, I realised that it needed a sharing circle.As we share who we are in a safe supportive space, we learn and grow into something more than we ever could be alone. Together we thrive and support each other in our shared adventure as we learn to love ourselves and care for those spaces inside that often are forgotten in the noise of daily life.

An invitation

If you have a desire to create, and your artist soul is calling for you to play, then I invite you to join the Wild Soul Creativity Circle as we find those hidden spaces, those pockets of time, that give us those small space where we can nurture our soul and remember who we really are.


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