There are moments in time when you know something has changed. Not something apparent to others but something unseen and un-named. I find myself doing a lot of exploratory pieces that are looking over there shoulder. Looking behind at something or towards something. So these were the words that arose as I worked on the painting below. I consciously wanted to keep do more freedom in the style…looser and with transparencies. Not quite as controlled as I tend to be. It is about finding a looseness and allowing the form to take shape. There seems to be something new emerging.


I looked behind me,

To see what had changed.

I heard it calling…

There was nothing there,

Just the reflection of who I was.

Then I stepped into the wilds that sang my name,

Where the wild things were waiting,

There where my heart plays,

Where the life lines blur

And in that moment I emerge

Different yet the same.


To step beyond the known, into the wilds...

To step beyond the known, into the wilds…

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