Wolf guidance

As I take this journey path to understanding my inner wolf and the wolf guides that have taught and protected me for decades, I am curious about the western perception of the wolf. We grow up with images of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, the Big BAd Wolf and Peter and the Wolf. This predatory lone wolf image that is a stereotyped perception rather than a study of the nature of wolves. Of course wolves hunt both alone and in packs but this is an animal that is about loyalty, protection, play, instinct and intuition. The American Indian belief in the wolf as a guide and teacher shows a more wholistic interpretation as the wolf teaches us about the many aspects of our own nature. This view of the wolf is one that is held by traditional cultures who are connected with the earth and are aware of the qualities of the animals that share the earth with us.

If you choose the wolf as a guide..and the wolf chooses you, then It is likely that you have faced many challenges as a teacher and guide as you have learnt through the experience of your own journey. The wolf is often birthed through challenges but the path is exciting and often powerful connections are made along the way.

I was warned that the wolf was not an easy path but if you are a wolf then you will feel a resonance ….an intuitive knowing that this is who you are. As I considered my connection with this wolf guide I realised  that the wolf had carried my artistic soul through the years and was inseparable from the outer image I held of myself. The challenge not to be a wolf made me more loyal to my wolf self and strengthened my bond with this soul part of me. Of course loyalty is one of the stengths of the wolf.

Are you travelling this wolf path or are you choosing a different path. Many guides will come to us throughout our lives but it is up to us whether we welcome them or choose a different path.

The time has come to ask the question…of course the assumption is that if you are still reading this post, that you have already decided that you are a wolf! A wolf type is something you know from a deep intuitive place as wolves are instinctive and highly intuitive by nature.

The only question left to ask is what sort of wolf are you? As a wolf I advise that you sit with this idea and simply trust your instincts because if you truly are a wolf you will feel a deep resonance and knowing of the type of wolf you truly are. Of course the wolf is a complex animal and there are many parts to its nature and naturally you will tend to resonate with particular aspects.

For myself I know that the mother, wife and teacher in me is my pack wolf that is loyal and fearcly protective but the artist soul is a lone wolf that rules her own domain as she merges into the learning of creative play. You may recognise different aspects in various parts of yourself. Sit with your knowing and spend time with your inner wolf as guide and teacher.

Spend a few minutes pondering these questions and see which description resonates as you are called by some intuitive pkace within. Journal some of your thoughts.

  1. Are you a domestic wolf or dog for easier identification and if so what sort? Are you a lapdog who does as it’s told?
  2. Or are you a wild thing….a wolf running with the pack with a deep freedom and connection?
  3. are you a lone wolf prowling through the grass or lurking in the depth of the forest that has left attachments behind? One who has left attachments behind in order to forge your own path.
  4. Are you black, white or grey…Arctic, forest or plains?
  5. Are you a pack wolf that is highly connected, protective and  has a strong sense of belonging and kinship?
  6. What is the energy that shapes you? Are you a pack leader or a follower?
  7. Are you the one who carries the wisdom as teacher and guide?
  8. What path have you travelled to reach this point and what do you have to share of this powerful journey that has shaped you?
  9. Are you the wolf pup who just wants to play and be protected by the pack a.
  10. What is the emotion that sits deep in your belly that calls you forward on your journey?

If if you enjoyed discovering more about your inner wolf, would recommend spending time watching documentaries on wolves to gain a deeper understanding. I really enjoyed this YouTube video of running with the wolves. Explore what this powerful guide has to teach you. Both of these can be found on YouTube so have fun exploring.

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post and let me know what type of wolf you are.

Gray wolves in snow. Image credit: University of Buffalo




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