Playing with an image as always. This owl insisted on being painted…I tend to search for figures but owls are still a favourite and like to appear in my work from time to time.


In the night sky waiting,

Timeless wisdom gazes out across the endless  canvas,

Far beyond imaginings,

The reflection of a memory twinkles,


And I wonder what it would be like,

To have the space to simply watch,

Watch the world as it  turns through it cycles,

Waiting for the dawn’s rising.


Time calls gently into the night,

And I alone am witness,

As  life awaits it’s return,

Breaking through the curtains of the night.


I am the midnight calling,

The open door and flickering light,

I am eternally waiting,

The watcher of the night.




In the still of the night...

In the still of the night…

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