Happy New Year…a journey into the next phase.

I find myself exploring facets of myself that are about this time of reflection. The wolf…a dream guide watches on as a butterfly breaks free…an offering perhaps. I have decided topost the different sections as this ne work progresses rather than the whole piece I am playing with ways I can allow the color, texture and variety of line to show through. This is about change and evolving so the feeling of images merging and transforming seems to be forming within the forms. This is purely an intuitive process that is drawn out from an inner well. The gut area is the Chinese  power center and the second brain according to some research I read somewhere. So somewhere within the second brain (gut based) and the emotional brain (heart) the muse leads me gently forward. There is a softness and a surety to the sense of change within the layers. I reach for my ink brush and allow the flow of images to inform the next image that takes shape. I do not know what image will call my attention next and know that the circular motion of creation will lead me around the canvas and back to the beginning in a seemingly random way that is guided by some undefinable sense of knowing. As I learn to listen, the images become and the natural flow emerges.

The question is one of connection. I have never really talked much about the meaning in my work but the interlinking of figures and how each is interconnected is central to these pieces. This is part of a whole and a work in progress as I aim to keep some of the looseness and layers that allow the colors to help shape the meaning and forms within the art work.

This is the moment to step beyond the boundaries...spread your wings.

This is the moment to step beyond the boundaries…spread your wings.

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