Guides and archetypes.

Today infnally got back into my studio after being immersed in setting up my new website and learning about organising features.Today I had planned to work on 2 pieces but worked on seven. Drying pieces in between and layering. I finished my owl piece and somewhere along the way she became my heart warrior. I am clairesentient and as such tend to wear my heart on my sleeve which does not always fit well at work. This sensitivity is one of the things that shapes me as an artist as I connect to that guiding feeling place. I am learning about how to protect myself within my non-art space at work and when I need to say no to feel that I am grounded and in my own truth. Now saying no might sound simple but when it gets caught up with expectations, it can become messy.  I said no to a powerful female colleague on Friday I feel that I may have evoked this powerful feminine warrior spirit. The more I learn to honor and value what I have to give, the more I can give. For me this means choosing what I volunteer for and not just accepting being placed in a volunteer job because I am told that I should do it. Should is a trigger word that reminds us we need to pay attention and listen to our heart. My warrior princess feels like what I needed right now as I grow and develop my business and step more boldly into my own truth. I am taking huge leaps and each one reminds me that I have so much more to learn.

When did you last say no to an expectation because it didn’t feel right? Can you remember. Listen to your own owl wisdom and let your warrior support you as you moved onward on your journey.

Warrior Princess

She is my warrior princess. Her owl wisdom guides her and her heart is there for all to see.

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