CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE!Redbubble merchandise

I am amazed how quickly Christmas arrives every year, it seems as though we blink and it is another Christmas. I love the family time at Christmas as we catch up on our adventures and share time together. I also love the space of choosing presents for those I love. We have a Kris Kringle in our family so we all give and receive one special present that is lovingly chosen.


I decided to share some of my business journey in my blog posts this month and so this post is an invitation to buy but also an acknowledgement of how much I have to learn. The quality of my art is irrelevant if I don’t let you know it is available or even exists. Yes I have shared on social media but inconsistently. I’m learning something new every day and greatful that I love learning and am open to possibilities. I also added my new calendars to my home page.


I find myself setting up my dream business as I follow my heart and create what I love and leave behind a life if 30 years of teaching. As a teacher, Life was ruled by bells and I was told what to do. Now my creative soul gets to shape my world and I have all this freedom. This much freedom can be overwhelming and it is easy to get is also the spaces of what I know I don’t know and the new things that I am committing to learning. Something learning is conscious but sometimes learning comes when you miss pieces along the way and realise that next time you will do it differently as I keep learning  and developing my systems..

Below are a few of the decor pieces but there are many more…and I didn’t even mention clothing.


As a small business I am learning about marketing and each step is a learning curve. It is easy to think of marketing and selling as dirty words but the truth is people are asking and I’m not sharing enough. Marketing in the end is sharing what I love with those who get joy from it. I admit,  I have had friends lovingly prompt me to update  which is a much appreciated reminder as I learn to shape my world. Painting is the easy part, as it is all the pieces that help take my art into the world that are the challenge and the learning of a new way of being.

I am learning all the time and over the last few weeks I have posted tabout all the beautiful artist gifts I have created on my Redbubble page in my Instagram feed and other social spaces like Facebook and tumblr but not here. I think of my website as a story space and am not tending to market here which is an oversight that I need to learn from as this is where so much of my art is found. That feeling of a learning curve is a path that is always in front of me, reminding  me of all the ways I am creating a new way of being in the world.


I will often make mistakes and do things at the wrong time but each time I don’t get to where I want to be in an ideal world, I know that I am failing forward and learning new practices. I have learnt that failure is a friend that taps me on the shoulder and expncourages me to start again. Every time I miss something I find that I also learn not what to do and have a clearer picture of what it will look like next time.


I continue to add to my shop and grow into what I am becoming: a spiritual creative business women. I create mixed media arti to inspire your soul and remind you to step aside from your busy life and enjoy beauty and be in the moment. Paintings are beautiful treasures for that special gift and tthe art merchandise, created using these original images, such as calendars, stationary and decor are ways of having these unique artisan pieces in your life. As a spiritual creative business, I know that everything I create is heart based, guided and connected. I know what it is but it is finding words that share this joyful art adventure is the challenge as is connecting to like minded souls.

Of course there is stationary, cards, prints, tablet and phone covers and skins. The bags are beautiful and there is so much more in the collection of these more personal items. Requests for new pieces from recent work happily created so do feel free to message me.


This post is a reminder that there is not long until Christmas and if you want some unique art gifts to inspire and delight your friends, that time is running out. Australia post will take about 6 days from ordering to get your  chosen art gifts to you.

These unique gifts are beautifully made and if you wish to buy some and ease your Christmas shopping by buying online then do it now and receive your packages in the mail ready for Christmas Day.

Enjoy exploring shopping spaces and finding what you love. The best presents are often the ones we wish we were buying for ourselves.

Christmas Blessings,




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