I know I am a bit inconsistent at posting at the moment. I am in the middle of lots of changes and feel as though I’ve made a jump in understanding which is great but…it means that if I want to exhibit a piece I did earlier, I have to bring it up to speed with where I am now. That is both the problem and joy of learning. Wherever you are at a given oint in time, you have the choice to improve or maintain the status quo. I’m not good at accepting something that doesn’t feel right to me. Yes, a few weeks ago it was perfect but I shifted. I am now far more concerned with the consistency of the light direction than I had been. Don’t ask me why as I don’t know. Sometimes an idea strikes and you run with it as that is what your gut tells you to do. I am definitely a big believer in trusting your instincts. Even when I make a change and start to wish the canvas was paper so I could tear it up…I know I will keep going. Crazy thing is that I love a challenge and in the same instant,  I want to turn and run from it.  I know that when I push the boundaries of what I know, good things happen…yes sometimes I make a mess…literally and figuratively but that’s just the process.

I have started working a bit differently but am not sure if anyone outside of my head space would know. All I know right now is that I am in a group show in November at Vino Central in Ivanhoe and I have a lot to do, works I would haven’t in are no longer acceptable in my eyes. I am so great fun for school holidays as I can focus ( between usual social distraction) and work out what I need to do next,

I do want to pretend that I know everything but if I really stop to think about it…that would be boring.

Below are some of my evolving works and you may recognise a couple of them. The girl and owl is finished again (I think!). The other 2 have a bit more work needed to get them there. It is that line between done and overdone and where to stop. This is still a big learning curve but I am enjoying all the possibilities that I am continually discovering in mixed media play. The challenge is to allow some of the looseness in some areas while developing a variety of marks and edges. It seems to be that unless a painting is sold and living with someone else, so I can never really be finished. The others are getting close but I m definitely a fan of Kirkaguard as I am continually taking that leap of faith.

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