Cute, fluffy owls pondering possibilities.

This cute little owl sitting in a field of flowers under a full moon. There is magic in the air and anything is possible when you believe. Original acrylic paintings of a whimsical owl on Watercolor paper.

Safe beneath my wings

The mother owl shelters her young beneath her wing as they sit perched high in the tree tops.

Gramma owl and flowers

Flowers always brighten up the place

I have been working on my whimsical owl series for awhile now. Of course I know there is always a message in my creative play especially as they are intuitive paintings so unplanned. I see the image in a random background that I have created and paint the image into reality. Playful colors and patterns create these quirky, cute owls. the lesson at the moment is continually a reminder to trust the process as when I get out of my own way and listen to the nudges, I quickly move forward.

I love the journey of  play and pondering as I allow the forms to emerges, These owls seem to hold a wisdom that reminds me to smile and be in the moment. The amount of layers of paint often surprise me but I continue until I feel complete. Each piece takes its own form and I know that if I planned them, they would not capture the playfulness and surprises that come from being in that soul centered creative place. Perhaps right now I need to connect with the playful, lighter knowing that these owls bring. They seem to invite you into their quirky world of possibilities.

The deepest learning is to trust that the creative journey will take you where you need to go. Allowing magic to happen as we all hold this deep intuitive wisdom that is there to guide our path. Perhaps they also want us to remember to live our magnificence as they boldly look out at their world in wide eyed wonder. I hope they bring a smile to your face as they spread their playful trusting message.

Field of dreams

This cute little owl sitting in a field of flowers under a full moon. There is magic in the air and anything is possible. An original acrylic painting of a whimsical owl on Watercolor paper.

I think I can...

Cute, fluffy owl pondering possibilities.


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