We think there is always time for art….or we think there is not enough time. Art is one of those things that makes us, as artistic souls, come alive. What happens when life is so busy and then the unexpected happens….how do we find time. My friend Sue, reminded me of how much we can achieve in those short pockets of time. After spending hours in Emergency with my daughter and finally getting the all clear to take her home  I was ready to play in my studio. But as I had waited and sat in that timeless hospital

She is watching her world...

She is watching her world…

space…that waiting place…I had not been idol. I had taken my A5 sketchbook and done several intuitive scribble drawings. I cover the page with random scribbles and the turn the page until something jumps out st me…adding more scribbles if nothing appears at first. Then I will start to help the emerging form take shape by rubbing back areas and adding the needs details.  I had used what SARK calls micro movements to help me to balance myself out in an unexpected space. The little movements that help you keep in touch with the creative soul living inside you that needs to be nurtured within the busy spaces of life and the unexpected events that move you away from your planed direction.

Once Lizzy was home and safe, I managed a one and a half hour play date with Sue, which was enough to create balance and to find peace from the unexpected that momentarily changes the shape of my world. After a crazy week, it was time to find myself again and the small drawings were an important part of that. Finding time wherever I am is a way forward, sometimes it may just be gathering the patterns that I see around me, such as the circle patterns in the hijab. The 2 drawings below are a couple of the explorative scribble play drawings.

How do you find the time to create when the demands of life seem to take you away from your creative self?

Allowing time to reform.

Allowing time to re shape her world…


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