Goddess of free will-will

Searching for crystal links to Lilith and I  came across this. This Jewish learning page portrays Lilith as a devil and states that Lilith means ‘ the night’. Why is it that so many people are scared of the dark? How many stories make night evil. Wow…I want to see through the eyes of an owl in all her wisdom. Night time is so beautiful. So much to offer. Are we so scared of looking into that internal world? Lilith offers a balance in nature. She is the push and pull of the tides. She is the cycles that shape each of us.

I know I sound alternative but that’s okay. I grew up as a ministers daughter and have a background in Christian ideology. Through years of research that started with many years of studying the mother and child, I came to mythology. Through that portal i began to open to the images of the Goddess and the depth of meaning within the numerous powerful mythologies throughout time and so I read widely. A large part of me will always be a Christian but I believe that we are all seeking through our own paths for our spiritual home. I believe that there are numerous pathways to help us find who we are and what is our souls purpose. If I hadn’t been open to all these possibilities then I would never have listened deeply enough to get out of my own way and create. The power of many of the Goddess symbologies opens me to new ways of seeing my world and opening to possibilities. Yes that is one of my favourite words. For me it does not matter what path you take to find understanding as long as you are seeking…as long as you are on the path somewhere.

I found this beautiful poem about Lilith as the Goddess of free will. The site share button didn’t work but I have added a link to the page. This is far more in harmony with how I see Lilith.

The only reference to crystals is any black or red stone but instinct says carnelian as well as moonstone so I will see where this leads, instinct says that the Reds and blacks are the darker energies and I am portraying the inner knowing so I will simply trust my intuition here.

Lilith Goddess of free will or Demon...your choice.

Lilith Goddess of free will or Demon…your choice.

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