Exploring the garden of possibilities.

Exploring the garden of possibilities.

Exploring the garden of possibilities.

As I worked on this piece I began to add more pen lines. Drawing techniques became interwoven. This piece is for another exhibition. I have finished it and feel that it is one of my best pieces. Funny how you always feel that when you reach the point of completion. Then just as quickly move on to the next piece. Perhaps it is the surprise of allowing your intuition to guide you and the possibilities that arise.

Of course as I worked on this art work, the words spinning in my head kept me awake so I let them take shape on the page. I am never sure where the words come from but just like my paintings, I have learnt tho trust my inner guides and just allow whatever is given to flow through me.  I have learnt to trust the process and I guess the words are just another way to paint.


 Into the  Garden

Here I stand,

In the midnight Garden,

Waiting for the passing world,

To turn its head.


Shrouded in this moment,

Flowers draped around me,

Dressing me in memories,

As unbidden visions take shape.


Dreams of worlds I’ve never known,

A longed for look,

A furtive glance,

Yet the flowers bloom still.


I am the one who waits,

Patiently watching passing clouds,

With moonlight dancers,

Playing on my soul.


This is the time of openings,

Of strangers passing,

Sharing imaginings that drift into view,

Then swiftly fade back into the firmament.


Far beyond the expanding horizon,

I see the arched earth turning,

Revealing lighted pathways,

That previously lay in shadowed depth.


And as the seeker  shares her path,

With strangers along the way,

intertwining destinies calling,

As the dawn  reveals the way.


And in the garden waiting,

The seeker stands forlorn,

She is looking for an opening,

Surrounded yet alone.


She seeks and is sought,

She knows the singers call,

The flowers that surround her,

Hold magic in their folds.


Within that midnight garden,

The wolf is granted entry,

A solitary guide,

Padding gently alongside.


And now the shadows parted,

I no longer stand alone,

Calling to my sisters,

We spread our wings and fly.

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