Do you know those times when you have worked and reworked a painting and it is still not right. That was this painting before I got brave. She had a mask  and her face was leaning to the left. No matter what I did , I could not make her work. So yesterday I got really brave and did something a bit scary. I actually pulled layers of paint and material off the canvas an redid her entire face , neck and hair. I had reached the point of knowing something had to shift and now she has emerged. There is a sense of calm as she glances upwards but no one realises the turmoil within the layers. The owl was new as well and he just seemed to appear.

Letting go

My act of release of the old painting made way for something totally unexpected. I am so pleased with the final result and the richness of the layers. I guess sometimes it is important to let go if you want to make room for something better. It does mean risking loss of what you have. I love the moments of surprise and possibilities but it is always such a journey. It seems important that the mask is gone and the owl is now sitting on her shoulder and guiding her. It is that recognition of allowing my paintings to reflect who I have become as I look forward into my future.

The moment of change

She is opening to her dreams and becoming her soul self.

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