This is the second older work that I have re-worked for the Burnley Harbour Exhibition organised by The Contemporary Artists Society, of Victoria. The Dreamer had never quite felt complete until now and has evolved into a much stronger image than the original piece.

Sometimes I paint women holding books and in my mind it is linked to growing up as a ministers daughter and church 3 times on Sunday. This deep faith that now leans more towards spiritualism and an honouring of the Hindu belief that the many faiths are each strands in a rope that intertwines and lead to the same place.

Behind every great dream is a dreamer of great dreams.

Behind every great dream is a dreamer of great dreams.

We are all seeking in our own way. The  dreamer is that part of me that still deeply believes in that guidance that resonates within that intuitive voice that guides me is more than the sum of who I am. Somehow in those creative moments we tap into that larger self, that universal consciousness, that moves through us.  And even as I honour the dreamer in me, I recognise that she is one of many faces of who I am, where I have been and who I am becoming.


Tread softly on the garden path
Clutching all your hopes and dreams,
Within the layered pages whispering
Breathing through life lived and time past

Veiled memories forming future dreaming
Of gently cradled longings
Taking shape and forming openings
Through the moments of my days


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