Here I am looking at this long strip of accordion book pages and feel unsure where to begin. I have gathered gum leaves to print but that does not happen, I make a simple tree silhouette stencil and a roller stamp using adhesive foam. These are definitely delaying tactics even if going in the right direction. I start tearing out images of gum trees and mountains from Australiana books, looking at ways to build the base before I can even start exploring the story that will flow through these pages.

My full sized watered color sheet allows me a starting point that is easier as I feel resistant to start the book.i spray my black gum tree stencil in several places and then boldly lay down a green gold fluid acrylic onto my pallet. I roll my gum leaf roller through the paint and roll it down the page in overlapping areas. It works well and I had more layers of gum leaves with Jenkins green.

This gives me the courage to start and so I t jump in and  start on the book panels so I lay down leaves randomly throughout the book.

The next thought is to add some of the gold patterned circles which are patti cake papers in 2 sizes. I add them first to the large sheet. 1 large and several small circles.  I am generous with the impasto medium and press over firmly to ensure that there are no air bubbles then run a layer over the top of the patti pan.

I then add patti pan circles throughout the book, roughly aiming for a balance throughout the pages.

i then add torn sections of gum tree images ( again beginning of the large sheet first) throughout the book. I cover sections of pages randomly.

This is a clear beginning of my book and I am happy with the starting point. It surprised me how much the play on the large sheet of watercolor paper built my confidence as I started to develop the book pages.

I will be adding more details and gesso washes but that is the next step.

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