This is what happens when you have too many exhibition opportunities. I had 2 pieces with names that were almost the same so I have gone back and changed one so it matches the exhibition entry form. Sometimes it gets confusing but the blog  helps me record my journey and the things I have learnt along the way. So glad that I am keeping an inventory and numbering the works or I would be totally lost. This was encouraged by a free e-course I did called Starving to Succesful’  through Xanadu Gallery at  Iwould recommend the course and the book as a great beginners guide to getting your head around the gallery system.

How do I  develop my art  business when balancing a teaching load, reports, exhibitions and family crisis. For me the only way is to intersperse the responsibilities that must be done with the soul space I find when engaging with the creative process. Art is the space I take that allows me to function and be socially viable in the outside world. I can not be one or the other. Art feeds my soul and teaching extends me and feeds my need to be social and spend time with others.


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