Creative Imaginings

When I create a painting it’s an intuitive mixed media process. It starts with a background and the background is always a random something…a piece of material that attracts me, collage papers, text and automatic writing. When I draw in my intuitive art playbook, I will often start with a random scribble over the page. Anything to confuse my conscious brain for long enough for me to dive into my imagination and let my intuition take over.

She is Waiting

This painting started with a material background that has been painted over and reinterpreted, I saw the space for the face in the patterns and she emerged. She was there waiting for me to find her and bring her to life. I block in the face shape and the shoulders and she starts to emerge. Of course there is a push and pull as I find my way to her. It’s almost like my intuition is checking that I’m paying attention. The flowers grow naturally as I layer the colors but I have to adjust the face shape.

Art is

Stepping In and Out

Often I will step back and take a photo with my iPad so I can distant myself enough to see the image with fresh eyes. The face is modified and I redo the lips. The question is always, ‘what do I love and what do I need? I come to what I think is a stopping point but realize the left eye is slightly high so I readjust. I was too close when I was painting but by stepping in and out of the painting process, I am able to see things with fresh eyes.

Becoming the Image

Each shift leads to another and slowly she becomes the image I know is waiting for me to catch up. She has been a wild adventure of layers and play and the colors are different and have a softness about them. She is in her feminine strength and knows her truth as she moves through her world with confidence and ease.

The thing I love about intuitive art is that it teaches me to trust. I make wild leaps of faith all the time as I bring an image to life. I don’t go in knowing what the painting will become but I do have several art series that I know I love painting. A series such as a whimsical owl, inspirational women, flowers in her hair etc…become my intentions. An intention is a soft little guiding point that shows my imagination the possibilities in the shapes. It’s just like the kids game of cloud dreaming which has always been a favorite if mine.

Possibilities and Feelings

This art piece began as an owl possibility but I kept turning the canvas and looking until it felt right. It is always the feeling that shows me the way. Am getting better at paying attention to those feelings that point me in the best direction. I love that I can always add another layer and that the mixed media process is so forgiving and when I don’t like something, I can look for what I do love and add more of that or just block out and add another layer.

Soul Space

Always keep playing because you never know when you will slip into that beautiful place of timeless flow. You know that space where you feel as though you are in a space between worlds, where you are guided and the ideas flow through you with ease and grace. That thing about the ideas flowing through you rather than being dependent on skills and rules and facts is such an integral part of the intuitive art process. It’s that space if mindfulness, where you know you are connected to whatever your version of the divine is. Art is such a spiritual practice and when I’m in this space I feel balanced and in that soul space. This piece definitely took me there. She feels as if she is emerging from a magic garden where anything is possible.


When were you last in a space where time seemed to stand still and everything flowed into place with ease?
I wonder what you were doing?
I wonder if this is a space you visit often?

Soul Garden

Acrylic, mixed media painting on double thick canvas. 91.5 x 60.5 cm

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