Posters, play and inspirationimage

I have a 3 day long weekend and the first day became a school focused day. I am a Victorian State committee member of the Australian literacy educators association. We had an amazing pd focused on images and story with amazing Australian author illustrators- Gabrielle Wang and Elise Hurst. I was kucky enough to spend a lot of time with Gabrielle who writes historical fictions with a twist of magic, Chinese untrue and a real sense of how to weave poetic beauty into the words s and stories she creates. This was an amazing opportunity. It inspired me to then spend the remainder of the day working on my poster. I organise a writers festival at my school and it is a wonderful event that celebrate year 9 writing. I organized for Gabrielle to be one of our guest authors which is very exciting. I was so inspired and full of ideas I went home and started work on the advertising flyer to go up around the school. I did several versions as you can imagine but have included the one in progress at the moment that I am happiest with. The name of our festival for 2016 is Moving  Mountains and with this Zuess inspired name I have added to whimsical flowers and wavy lines to the design. I plan to add some watercolor wash areas…probably end up using my ink tense as I love their intensity. I will see where it goes and share the final image. This is where I am at now…and it is bed tinpme at 10 to 12 and it gpgas been a long day but full of magic moments and wonderful connections.

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