A4 Art Australia Exhibition 2023 – March 4th – April 10th weekends & public holidays Herring Island 

I just Bought the symbolic beads course by Debbie Crothers courses on CraftArtEdu.  http://craftartedu.com Great course and basic ideas. I loved the idea of these beads and thought I may be able to extend my polymer clay knowledge as this is a new medium for me. Still learning so much about polymer clay. Of course I did it my way and added spirals and crystals etc to give them my personal touch. They are about 4 cm long so would be made into necklace pieces. They were fun to make. despite doing the class I stuck to my spirals and crystals as these are central to the small jewelry pieces I have been creating. I also like the addition of small metal pieces such as the flowers in her hair.

Playing with possibilities.

Playing with possibilities.

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