Exploring powerful female archetypes.

it is the holidays so I get more studio play time. These 2 works have been waiting for me to return and take them the next step. Ideas come and they are blocked in. A photo may trigger an idea. In this case I created 2 small soul collage cards that inspired me to develop these 2 large works. Firstly I block in the basic figure shapes in a thin wash of paint to get a sense of the placement and then begin to use collaged paper squares to fill the background in. Athena naturally flowed and I started using pattern paper in the background. As I named her and started researching I realised that she was the goddess of wisdom but not of handicrafts so it fell into place nicely.

The second piece is The violin player or perhaps ‘discovery’. I really haven’t settled on a name as she is still taking shape. Again I am playing with contrast and relationships. Today I put in the background wash and started to play with the details. They both have a long way to go but I am enjoying the possibilities.

“Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace and power in it”. Goethe

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