Sark calls them micro movements. Those things you do when you don’t have the time or energy to do the larger things on your creative list but want to keep moving and creating.  Today I am getting over a basic bug that has slowed me down so I have been practicing micro movements. Working on lino-cut stamps is something I can do in bits and pieces over time. I am working on larger stamps that express what I want and  will make good layer additions to my mixed media pieces. So today I printed my stamps. Larger stamps than I have done previously and lots of fun. Making my own stamps means I can create what I really want rather than compromise. The stamps add another layer to my artworks. So far it’s birds and flowers. An owl is a favourite symbolic image as is the kingfisher so they are a great starting point.

The stamps are hand printed using the heal of the hand and a roller. Loved the effect on the patter tissue paper and look forward to using them as transparent layers.

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