Spring Studio StoriesAugust Studio Update

It has been a lovely beginning to spring connections as I explored Australian birds, light and colour. There is a real sense of newness and joy in nature and connecting with the wild beauty if offers. I have played with the joy of exploring tree wonder walks, continued my illustration journey with Josh in the Astray Cat story illustrations, revisited the CD cover for friendly Creatures and started an Animal Wisdom Stories oracle deck.

So much learning and play are unfolding that fill me with joy as I connect to the beauty of nature in the world around me to find inspiration.

Tree Wonder Walk

In the craziness of lockdown, I began sharing the idea of a tree wonder walk in my Facebook group which was a delightful way to notice the spring changes in my 5 km radius. Every day for a week and then whenever I felt called I have shared tree wonderings in my group and named the story and feel of each tree connection. A lovely game to play and I invite you to go on your own #treewonderwalk.

Art E-zines

e-zine mini_templateMy friend Cora Zon is an art e-zine expert and inspired this first e-zine created on my laptop from the images and word connections discovered as I went on my wonder walks. Sometimes it was the trees in my own yard that inspired and opened me to wonder and sometimes it was a tree in my local exercise zone walk. Each tree is given the name of the wondering it inspired and a feeling connection that creates a story opening.

I have included a template if you want to try creating your own. It folds to a small 8-page booklet and can be created on an A4 or an A3 page easily.

Illustration adventure

I have been invited to illustrate my first children’s storybook which is exciting and another learning space to explore. I am immersed in cat wondering and curiosity about how to develop the character of Josh. A curious cat who is a little lost and searching for that missing piece as he goes on a heart seeking adventure. The story is really about being yourself and celebrating who you are. It is about being in your joy and your uniqueness. The story by Janine Meadley felt connected to my own story and core values of art learning and spirituality that I feel grateful to be sharing this adventure with her.

I feel like Josh has taken shape through the play and has bought a new lightness and looseness as I play with a rainbow of colours to step into the idea of finding this uniqueness that is his heart calling.


The Friendly CreaturesThis new adventure and the space of Covid isolation is also an invitation to revisit the CD cover I am designing for friendly creatures. Everything feels like it is in a stage of unfolding which is what spring is really. Each piece is a learning process and here I have played with digital elements over the top of my original painting.

I thought it was finished but new ideas come with time and new learning along the way so I am doing another version. It feels like life is all about choices and that desire to play with the inspiration that whispers along the way.

I am choosing to play more often and finding joy in the studio and the new discoveries along the way.


My oracle card deck is slowly taking shape as I finally commit to developing the animal wisdom art stories into these cards that are about guidance and connecting to our inner wisdom. A lovely way to play and connect to our intuitive voice. This is a learning and growing process but I have created over 40 cards and made mockups to use as I feel into the energy of the cards. More to come as I develop this further…chose the ‘Be Bold’ card example with the Quoll on it as this feels like a bold intuitive move.

This has been such a huge learning adventure that is still unfurling and has bought so much joy when I have needed it.

I wonder what ideas, stories and projects have inspired you throughout COVID and this unusual space we are sharing?  What has bought you joy and what bold action have you been inspired to step into and what new things have you discovered along the way?

Share and Enjoy !