Shiny objects

Have you ever done that thing where your so excited about the event that you let go of everything else and the event becomes the intention and all the special details are lost along the way? I know I have and am in that beginning space of recognising the pattern that has formed as I take stock of my studio space.


CompanionI have all these big dreams and it is so easy to jump from one to the other that I forget the details. Online retreats are exciting and I get to focus on creating something new to share and I wonder why I decided on new when there are so many things that I could have shared that were already in my story. I find myself pausing in recognition as I write this and feel the sense of allowing the gift of what I have created so far. Why do I want new so often and move from one thing to the other? How do I self regulate in a personal world that is all mine to shape?

This space of forgetting the small things that make the big moves possible.

It is time to go from my eagle view of the world to the mouse view and literally take stock


Honestly, my studio has lots of works completed for shows and events but many more in This Guided Lifestages of completion. I guess my studio is a reflection of me…a work in progress as I continue to learn every day.

The question that is playing on repeat is ‘But where do I begin?’. There is a sense of overwhelm that begins to creep in as I realise how big the idea of gathering together the incomplete parts of my world so their stories can be shared and made whole. ‘Gathering’ is such a gentle term of sifting and sorting.

It is this gathering space that I find myself in, within the waiting spaces between cancelled events and lockdown. There is definitely healing in the completion phase as I revisit stories that I have lost. You know that feeling of rediscovering a treasured object that you lost and the joy of rediscovering it as the story memories can reignite.

I have this image in my head from Labyrinth of carrying this huge sack of things from my past and the knowing that it is time to choose what I value. This is about letting go of doing and finding the being space of what is here now. Where do I want to put my focus in this space in-between where the world is seeking its own healing?

Spring seems like the perfect time to step into this sense of clearing space and making way for the new projects that are waiting for me.

Paths to completion

When you don’t know where to begin… just begin somewhere. 

Garden SongI gathered all the incomplete works on paper as they are small enough to feel achievable so created an intention path. My intention was to focus on the completion of small works on paper and take them through the path to sharing online.

This is where intuition meets logic and so I am allowing my heart to choose what to complete next. This week it is angels and girls with animal companions and the occasional animal guide. I am working in batches and it is one small step at a time. That is my biggest learning…to set smaller doable tasks so I can take them to completion that creates a sense of celebration. In the past, the celebration of completion was the signing of an art piece and then the sharing in a real-world setting whether it was a gallery, cafe, shop or open studio event. I needed to pivot to a different way of seeing the celebration of completion and add another path.

Online path

My completion is about sharing online right now so each piece is added to my website Gathering Spacesgallery first and then linked platforms such as Artpal and Redbubble then finally added to my Facebook shop. Mapping online pathways are new for me and feel so different. It required the shock of a world pandemic to get me there so I have discovered these new paths waiting for me. This is a beginning space that I am gently nurturing as I go back and forth, through my website so it becomes more of who I am and grows as this sharing story space. It’s about paying attention to those spaces of details that are in so many spaces in our life. Us this a Feng Shui online process…it feels like that.

This space is incomplete, emerging and growing every day through these small steps that are shaping it and me into something new – a new way of sharing. Small steps everyday shift me forward into this new version of me.

Spring is here!

TogetherThis process of completion and sharing could be thought of as Spring cleaning as I organise, complete and find homes for the details in my art world as I move forward. Spring naturally brings in a sense of new life that invites growth and actions that help us move forward.

  • What does your version of Spring Cleaning look like as we spend more time in our home spaces?
  • What are the details in your world that are calling for your attention?
  • What new  possibilities does Spring invite into your life”
  • What new ways are you sharing your own story of connection when we are physically separated?


Learning and art are connected in my world and are my pathway to joy as I explore the contrast and find new ways to share this life as a joyful adventure and an invitation to play.

Love and Blessings,






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