Green woman
Birthing the soul
This spirit doll is an explorative piece using small clay faces and binding techniques. The intention is about beginnings and nurturing new parts of ourselves as awareness grows. These times of transition ask us to go gently as we step into new places and new understandings.

She is about layers that reflect our inner journey. She has fine copper wrapped around her as it is the metal linked to the Goddess. Turquoise is the travelers stone and is protective and sits below the child soul that is cradled and safe. This image of the Green Woman is earth and water as the emotional path that birth brings is opened. The talismanic key enables her to open the way forward. The lace flows as water or vines flowing from her surrounding her. She is crowned by three rings on her head representing the different life stages as the chain links of her past flow in her hair. There is a sense of gentle nurturing and of self care as she is bound in loving energy of the heart centered healing greens and the blues of openings as the chakras open She stands on a wooden base suspended on a copper pipe and in her ethereal flow this goddess that is bound and bundled by time is grounded in possibilities.

She is flow and emotion and change...cradling new parts of herself as she nurtures her becoming.

She is flow and emotion and change…cradling new parts of herself as she nurtures her becoming.

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