Exploring Spirit Animal Art

Spirit animal art

Spirit animals are an inspiring soul connection to the animal kingdom.

Spirit animal dreaming

I love to create as it is meditation, mindfulness and connection to that inner wisdom that is intuitive and guiding. As I am creating my solo show titled ‘Breathe’ and is all about connection, I decided to explore spirit animal art in more depth and share along the way. I love drawing animals and consider them as wise guides. As I explore different ways to create spirit animal art I am discovering more ways to play with shapes and forms. There are simple steps to draw animals (or anything for that matter) and then explore symbols lines and patterns that give the sense of spirit connection that each of these animals hold. 

Every animal I draw or create is a spirit animal. I have created lots of owls and wolf animal art and there are other animals that keep showing up at different points in my life. Animals are wonderful guides that teach us so much and are wonderful companions. An animal guide may be real like my beautiful dog Maya who keeps me company in my studio or an animal energy that you naturally connect to. What animals do you feel particularly connected to?

Art Is the space that helps me receive that intuitive guidance as I explore the details of these animals. As I let my curiosity and intuition lead the way, I’m playing with different ways to explore the energies of a variety of different spirit animals. 

At this point you may be feeling a little confused as a spirit animal can be called by different names. The important point is that we feel a connection to an animal and ask what it means, what energy does it have and what message does it have for us.

Spirit animal play

What is your spirit animal ?

Spirit animals may be explored as power animals, totem animals or companion animals that are our inner guides. There are many ways to connect to your spirit animal as we learn from their animal wisdom  and receive guidance. 

Spirit animal teachers

Our animal spirit helps us to find the energy we need in our lives. Whether it be the flow and balance if a turtle, the wisdom, humour and curiosity of an owl or any of the many other energies; your purity animal asks you to start paying attention.

Spirit Animal Art

By making mixed media paintings and drawings of these spirit animal males, I am able to discover more of the lessons each animal has to teach me. I am playing with adding personal symbols, Reiki symbols and dots to portray this spirit energy. Each piece becomes a story of the connection between me and the spirit animals nature as I draw and write the messages I receive.

We all have many spirit animals that guide us and give messages that are needed at different points along our path.

Discover and create your own spirit animal

Are you  curious about your spirit animal and love exploring new ways to create art? Join me in a guided adventure to meet your spirit animal and create your own unique spirit animal art piece to treasure.

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