Make your own art guidance cards

I fell in love with this connected art process as soon as I discovered it. I trained as a facilitator and developed my own deck of personal SoulCollage guidance cards. They are beautiful and so personal as every image is one that attracted me. I gathered the images I loved and began to play with putting them together. The process is mindful and meditative and creates spaces where time looses it hold as you immerse yourself in art making and connect with your heart space. This process has opened my intuitive story telling approach in so many ways. I believe that every image we choose holds fragments of our stories and that we are made of stories.

This is a way of connecting with those inner stories that shape us and giving them voice in images and words through a heart cantered approach. This is where you let go of your logical mind and begin to open to that deep wealth on inner knowing within you. This is an all access pass to you and the stories you hold. You will be surpriese3d by both the images and the heart centred messages that flow as you learn a new way of connecting to you. This is self care and self love. We do not often spend time caring for our soul spaces and these personal art cards that fit so neatly in your hand will give you access to so many stories that you had forgotten or lost. They are a lovely way to begin manifesting what your heart desires as you connect with the sense of your world through story art.This is a s[ace of self love, trust and support as we connect and creat our SoulCollage guidance cards together and share stories in images and words.



This Saturday is an opportunity to join me at Space2b for a 3 hour SoulCollage workshop. This is an introduction to a lovely process that is intuitive, fun and accessable to anyone at any level. I would love you to join me but felt I needed to share a little more about this delightful process.



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