There are so many starting points and I am surrounded by ideas. I use watercolour paper as a pallet  to create a starting point. So much easier once the page is no longer white. I add random scraps of collage from the studio or an accession all stencil , until an image starts to emerge. I have always looked for the shapes in random patterns. I remember falling asleep, staring at my bedroom curtains, as I imagined them coming to life as figures stepped into my dreams. This same process is the one that draws out the images from the painted background pallets. So below are the starting points for today and the way I am moving forward. Nothing is truly planned or mapped out as the process is continual learning and exploration. I  only formerly plan for larger pieces and  sometimes the smaller works like these are the starting point. A starting point is always a possibility to explore. They have a looseness that I love and then comes the shaping of the image that wants to be seen. Non of them are finished but are works in progress to show how I explore  and develop an idea .

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