I am working on 5 small works for the Brunswick Street Gallery Small works exhibition which opens on the 8th of August so if you live in Melbourne have a look. It is always a great  show and there is lots of art things happening at that time.he art fair us in town on August 15th and ‘Art This Way’ Melbourne open studios is also on so good time to have my work out there. I completed Whispers and Silence and am happy with the final result. Always fun playing with dots and white lines. Maybe paying attention is today’s lesson. As always life re-shapes itself as time moves forward. I felt like there was not enough contrast so added some lighter collage material. Then it felt too stark so the forest around her started to merge into her hair. She feels far more finished now. It is always hard to say, this one is finished .  I will see what tomorrow, brings but she feels more positive and alive. I keep thinking of my favourite story book: ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ ” and the room became the forest all around’…or something to that effect. It is the opening of the door of the imagination, that allows the whispers in and the world around us to become us.

I have added a fair bit of red today…I felt like they needed more warmth and quiet joy. Each layer adds something new to the image and there are always more possibilities.


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