WOMEN INSPIRE ME: CHALLENGE~ #sharewomenwhoinspire

Start by wondering: so many  incredible women

I love all things feminine as my art journey began with an exploration of the Madonna and child archetype which evolved into an exploration of the feminine archetypes. There was such strength, wisdom, and beauty to be found on this art adventure that when I saw the idea of tagging an inspiring woman, I was excited. It did not seem to be enough to do just one post. I had so many that I wanted to tag and was sure that I could not be alone. All that wisdom shared by so many women across history.

I was inspired to create this challenge. I do hope that you will join me for 17 days as we travel towards valentines day. It felt like the perfect end as we end on a day of love after exploring women who we love because of their inspiration on us personally and globally. You will find me on Instagram @cherylebannon. I will also continue to add posts about different women along the way.

I hope you feel as inspired as I do and I look forward to a shared celebration of these amazing women who have impacted our lives. The challenge prompt sheet below is to inspire you. Please do not feel you have to do every day but if you want to, you can catch up or just moss a day. Have fun with this as you explore the women who have made a difference in your life.



More info to come on my Instagram feed,,, starting tomorrow and I am looking forward to sharing lots of amazing women. Hope you will join me on Instagram @cherylebannon.com

Oh did I forget to say please share this with anyone who would enjoy the challenge of surrounding themselves with the energy of remarkable women.



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