Art made visible!Wild Soul Wonderings

There are so many art stories out there that is easy to forget that each of us has such a unique voice and so much to offer. The question is how do I become more visible and so I decided to get involved. I have had a Bluethumb profile page for a while but had let it sit on the sidelines. It is really about what we pay attention to I know…but it is so easy to go into overwhelm…my solution is usually to create more art but then I don’t share it all. I want to share my art stories of beauty, connection, and flow in this guided world but I don’t want to do it alone. The studio and lockdown is a sanctuary but my artist hermit is too willing to play along. The idea is to choose something new and see where the adventure takes me. I chose to go back to Bluethumb and this time really focus on sharing the journey and being seen. This post is part of that as I invite more people into my world. The fact that Bluethumb has an engaged community of artists on Facebook who are more than willing to offer support and are Australian feels like a win-win scenario. The next steps are me thinking about marketing and because it’s me I’m feeling my way into this. It has to feel right so what does that mean…it means finding the people who are seeking my art and the stories I share. A website is great but how do I get seen and how do I link into the people who are looking for what I offer. You are here and perhaps you are on a similar journey or were attracted to my art. I would love to know what attracted you to this post and this website in this global space. I feel honored that you are here spending time with me virtually.

Beyond the comfort zone.

It is time to step out of my comfort zone and go on a sight that is highly visible. If you have known me for a while, you would know that I am on a couple of platforms but they have been safe as they haven’t connected well. It’s interesting how it feels safe to share in known space and that is even in a solo show. It feels contained to share in spaces that are but not as active. The question is now how do I let the genie out of the bottle? How do I say YES to being really visible and seen…all of me. Sharing art is such a personal thing that there is a feeling of opening my soul to the world. It’s all about taking small steps and listening to the next possibility.

Wild Soul Wonderings

It is so easy to get ahead of yourself and share and continue on a hamster wheel and not step back and pause. This is my pause as a way of asking you where you are in this world of art stories.
What that means is that as I explore all the ways I’m sharing my art story I want to know more about you. I’m looking for the thing that connects us and what makes you my people… I wanted to ask you a few questions if that’s okay with you. If you’re here I know that something attracted you to my wild soul creative world. Art is a life journey and who we are is that space where our art and life connect. Whitney Freya refers to this as ‘the art that is our life’ which is a lovely way to phrase it. I’ve shared a lot of ideas and creative processes along the way and I know there is something intrinsically safe in the teaching style of sharing.
Sharing my art is a learning space as I evolve my sharing story and set up my #Bluethumbartist page. My guiding question as I create this post is really…What do you want me to share and the wonderings around what inspires you and attracted you here into my art life?
3 wild soul wonderings
The 3 things that attracted you reflect who you are just as much as the things that you love in your life as a whole. Write answers as automatic writing on a journal page or simply respond in the comment box below. Trust your first thoughts as this is usually your inner wisdom guiding you here now. These are beginning questions to art-life connections. One of the most powerful curiosities I know is the ability to compare ourselves to something that calls to us as it deepens our understanding of ourselves and our world. It is a fun question to try out in lots of different situations and settings and adds deeper understanding.
I would love you to share your answers in the comments below…it would really help me clarify what I’m
If you are curious about what I’ve been up to, do have a look at my artist page @
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But now back to you…I would love to know more and hear more of your voices on this page…see what you are creating in your world…I feel like a series of these question posts may be a beginning space to hear and see more of you. Can’t wait to read your comments below…Love and blessings, Cheryle

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