Seven Sisters Angel Offering

I am excited to be going to the Seven Sisters Festival again tomorrow. I Angel Brooch wipdid apply for a stall but didn’t hear back so I decided to create some unique artisan angel brooches. They are made of wood and the angels are printed from my originals. Each angel is carefully hand coloured using intense colours to get that vibrancy, cut out and attached. A coat of resin protects the brooches image and gives them a beautiful shine. I will be wearing my angels so if you would like one then look out for me at the festival. I will be Seller’s Ng them at introductory festival pricing for anyone who is inspired. I love their energy and have sealed each one with a Soul Light Reiki Healing energy blessing.

Yes the image is a WIP but the backs need another 10 hours to dry thouroughly….I do love exploring new possibilities…Also doing a few hand coloured prints of these lovely angels. Below are a few of the images I have created. They seem to keep evolving and I do love the angel inspiration. Tomorrow is almost here and so much that I won’t get done but it will be a small offering from the heart. Seven Sisters has come so quickly and there is always so much more that I want to do. I will take this as a leaping off point for the Confest adventure to come.

Looking forward to this wonderful adventure…


Embellished angel drawings

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