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I have spent time gathering and considering my process and keep circling back to the beginning. Where do I begin when I decide to create? Sometimes I have no idea at all which art piece I want to create but don’t know what I want to begin with today so I begin by intending to create and so I go to my studio space. By taking the first action of going to the studio, I have opened myself to the possibility of art. The fact that this is a beautiful relaxing space adds to my desire to be there. Sometimes this creative intention means I start with clearing up the space and as I do I will notice a piece that I would like to work on. I know that is the art that is calling me today. Sometimes I just pick up a piece of paper and begin to play with colour and shape. There is no plan but the creative intention and the desire for joy connect and I have begun.

Beginning spaces

power of intentionThe beginning point is always that point of setting an intention. It may be as simple as setting the intention to give yourself 30 minutes of creative time today. It may be to buy a specific art supply that is calling you. It may be a special project that you want to begin or complete. The thing is that it will always be an imagining until you make that intention for action.

Yes, there is a lot of gathering and seeking as you dive into an idea but that is another part of the day intention. This idea of setting an intention gives a framework to begin whatever stage of your creative journey you are on. It may be to learn a specific skill. The perfect intention for the beginning of a new week is to start setting a creative intention for the week every Sunday or whatever regular day works for you.
This week choose a creative intention for the week and then write it in your journal or put it in your calendar so you have set that time aside.

Open and playful


Be open and playful about this as an intention is not a goal that is set in stone but a flowing shifting desire that can be reshaped along the way. My creative intentions often shift but then an intention is really an opening to the desired action and helps shine a light forward so we can see more clearly where we want to go. It is an artist path for creative flow that gently takes your hand and leads you to where you truly want to be.

It is not about perfection but about stepping into those small actions that open us to something more and create a guided path that we can wander along as we enjoy the experience. Intentions are about stepping into the process and being in that space that your heart desires so playfully set some intentions for the creative you and open to the calling of your inner artist.

How to set an intention

Putting your intentions on “paper” helps you to see your path forward. They are the first steps to action and manifesting your creative dreaming. What is it that you want to do — it is time to write it down and sharing those intentions helps to deepen our intention and the desire to follow through into action.

Setting intentions is part of my daily practice for manifesting the things that I want to create and the way I want to feel and flow into the process of creation. This can be done in your head but writing it down helps you to commit to your creative intentions and act on them. Below is a quick process and a fill-in section.
  1. Start with three deep centring breathes and shift into your heart space. Connect to the space you are in and breathe. I like to light a candle.
  2. Meditate and free write about your desired intentions
  3. List the things that you want to manifest. Specifically, name at least one intention and fill in the sentence prompts below.
  4. Imagine you are in this creative intention. What would it look like and feel like to be creating this? When would you step into the action of creating this intention?
    1. I  intend to………………………………………………………..(action)
    2. When I do this I feel………………………………………….(emotion)
    3. I will do this ……………………………………………………..(time and space- write in calendar or journal)
  5. Let go of expectations
  6. Be playful and smile as you imagine your creative possibilities
  7. Reflect with Gratitude and say thank you to the universe.

Enjoy this simple beginning process to connecting to your creative intentions. I would love you to share your intentions, either in the comments or on my Facebook page @ Wild Soul  Creativity.

Love and blessings


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